The all-in-one management tool to organize, simplify and automate your acting career.

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Actors don't have a tool to manage relationships.

You know this is a business of relationships. Building those relationships is the key to being remembered and booking the work you want.

As an actor and career coach for actors, the big issue I see actors struggling with globally is creating and maintaining relationships.

Why? Because there’s no tool or system to support you in doing that.

How do I know this? I’m a software junkie – I’ve tried them ALL!  I’ve never been able to find the perfect tool for an actor’s life
that makes our careers easier and helps us build relationships faster.

So I created it. 🥰

Welcome to The Actor's Office!

I’ve taken my proven relationship-building systems and organizational tools that have helped hundreds of actors get repped, 
build relationships and book jobs, and created an easy-to-use software to build your career faster.🔥


Your automated assistant to create, build, & maintain your industry relationships…faster.

This module is the foundation of The Actor’s Office. Why?

People want to work with people they know! I’m going to say that again… people want to work with people they know!
So stop relying on your agent and manager to build relationships – that’s your job.

With the Relationships Module, you'll:

See everything about each contact in one place – appointments, notes, social media, phone, email and more!

The modules below will be available to add-on in 2022!

Each module is connected for a seamless intuitive experience with all your info in one place. 🥳

Coming February 2022!

Track your auditions & bookings and run reports to understand the ROI of your career.

Coming Spring 2022!

Craft BADASS Goals and break them down into an actionable plan to get what you want.

Coming Fall 2022!

Be ready for tax time and know exactly what you make and spend as an actor.

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The prices below are for the Relationships Module.
When the Audition, Goals and Financial modules are released, they’ll each be $5/month.

Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go!
$ 10
00 Monthly
  • Unlimited Contacts and Appointments
  • Calendar Integration
  • Built-in Follow Up Reminders
  • Six Customizable Automated Systems
  • Dashboard of all your actor links in one place!

Yearly Subscription

Get 2 months FREE!
$ 99
  • Unlimited Contacts and Appointments
  • Calendar Integration
  • Built-in Follow Up Reminders
  • Six Customizable Automated Systems
  • Dashboard of all your actor links in one place!
best Value!

First off, so glad you’ve been keeping track of stuff! I was just like you. I had my spreadsheet that I updated constantly. Then I became frustrated by its limitations. I was forgetting to follow up with people. All my info felt buried and not accessible. It wasn’t actionable! That’s why I created The Actor’s Office.

So what will this do for you that your spreadsheet won’t? 

1. Your contacts are categorized into Targeted Lists or Maintenance Lists which are attached to automated systems and reminders to build that relationship or maintain that relationship. 

2. TAO is intuitive and will pull contact info from the internet so you have up date and relevant info on your contacts. 

3. The TAO dashboard is your hub to all you need to run your acting business. Login everyday and get down to business.

Can your spreadsheet do that? Ummmm…no. 

Not to mention, birthday reminders, follow up reminders, superior search functionality, audition reporting and much more.

Give it a week on the free trial and we know you’ll be hooked.

Welcome to the life of an actor. 🙂 I have to say, I’m excited that you’re starting your journey into the business side of this career early. Too many actors wait and end up not setting themselves up for success. 

Starting now in tracking the folks you meet and following up with them is KEY. Starting now to be focused on data not the emotional whim of this business is vital.

I wish I would’ve done this when I started in my 20’s. That was part of my reason for creating The Actor’s Office – to have a simple system that can grow with you and your career. To have longevity in this business means to lay the groundwork now. Kudos to you for focusing on your craft AND your business.

Get your week free trial and you’ll see how easy we’ve made it for you to build your business with ease.

Short answer – yes. 

I’m sure you’ve built relationships, but are you consistently following up. Probably not.
Do you know your audition to booking ratio? Probably not.
Do you have systems in place to support you in maintaining relationships? Probably not.

Look, you’ve put in the time. It’s not too late to refine your systems, focus on the data of what’s working and be more CONSISTENT in your business. 

If you’re on this page and asking that question, you’re looking to level up. It just sounds like you could use some support in running your business to maximize your talent and connections.

Get your week free trial HERE and see what I’m talking about.

Exactly that. Import your list of contacts. Specify if it’s a contact you’re targeting or someone where you’re maintaining the relationship and let The Actor’s Office do the work for you. We’ll spell out the steps you need to take for either scenario and remind you to take action. You can even customize the time frames in following up that work for you.

There’s no other software for actors that does this. Get your free week trial and test it out 🙂

"Thers nothing out there like this for actors! I can't believe how intuitive it is and how much it has changed how I approach building relationships. Total gamechanger!"
Retta Putignano
Actor, Writer & Producer
"OMG! This makes everything so easy! In little over a half hour I reached out and reconnected with 10 Casting Directors! SO BLOODY EASY! This is an amazing piece of business software!"
Suzan Perry
"This is some next level sh*t! This is gonna be just as essential, if not more, than Actor's Access!"
Christion Ty Edwards
"The Actor's Office is super intuitive and seamless! I love that I can add social media to it too! I'm really excited about using this!"
Danielle Montreal
Actor & Writer

Hey there! I’m Jodie Bentley, an NYU Tisch trained actor and producer who has worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS and more.  

For 13+ years, I’ve coached actors to achieve their goals, become organizational masters, stop the self-sabotage, build their marketing tools, land agents/managers and own their brand. I’ve taught workshops on all the above at SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Comicon, New York Film Academy, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pace University, Studio School and over 50+ universities and training programs.

I understand the actor’s life very well.

I’ve seen my clients over the years have a ton of successes.  The one place where I kept seeing them falter was in having an organizational tool to keep them on track. And let me say this, I’m a software junkie – I’ve tried them ALL! I’ve never been able to find the perfect tool for an actor’s life that makes our careers easier.

So I created it. 🥰

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